Dedicated server

A dedicated server can be rented as a separate service or as a part of co-location package. Depending upon the customer’s requirements we will offer either one of the standard solutions or design the service individually for the customer. The standard packages offer Intel® Xeon® servers , please ask for details.

The service includes:

• Acquisition, configuration and installation of one of the servers offered within the standard packages;

• Installation of Linux or Microsoft operational system;

• Connection to comnications links and power supply;

• 2 working hours a month of technical assistance known as «remote hands».

Additional services may include:

• Оut-sourcing of applications;

• Installation of customer’s software;

• Installation of Oracle operational system,

• Construction of customer’s VPN based on the required technology;

• 24/7 technical support.

The costs of the additional services depend upon the amount of required work and will be estimated separately.

The standard packages include 2 working hours of technical support per a month. The support rendered to the customer in excess of this time will be invoiced separately according to the valid price list.

The standard package doesn’t include the cost of the Internet link.

Minimum service period is 1 year.

Please write to us indicating your specific requirements to get your individual quote:

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  1. Rhonda Eggleston


    We have upcoming Company Management project so we are looking for a dedicated server hosting.I would like to order one dedicated server with 4 Gigs of RAM minimum. 500 GB HDD. Average or better Processor either dual core or better than that.I will be requiring Linux Cent OS distribution 6 or 6.5 V 64 bit is needed and /29 subnet usable IP’s to run dedicated services on it. Hoping to hear back from you soon.

    Rhonda Eggleston

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